Gutxi Resto Cazador

On 01-07-2016, our mare Fata Morgana / Toyland Antigo gave birth to her first foal. After an elephant gestation of 12 months and one week, this beautiful, small but finely built Falabella foal was No doubt about the pregnancy, but concerns about the long term. Nature has its own rules! . On 01-07-2016 in the evening had come, and this Falabella foal wasborn with a successful birth. The duration of the pregnancy you expect a firm and larger foal, but nothing is less true. A head with a so desired disje as we recognize his Father. In the stable he moves curious to you, and likes to touch off when he moves nimbly and confidently behind his mother. Genetically we have for the future high expectations of this male, a Falabella mare Fata Morgana with excellent bloodlines and a particularly sweet excited and cheerful character, and a father who repeatedly champion foals has begotten.

Falabella foal 2016 | Stable Jeagersrust

Falabella Gutxi Resto Cazador

Falabella Gutxi Resto Cazador

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