Rayaela Resto Cazador

On 2 March 2014 , the first Falabella foal born in 2014 in Europe at Stal Jaeger Rust. A long cherished wish was fulfilled , convincingly colored appaloosa filly . Healthy core , long legs and a finely shaped head. The combination of mother and father Calista Toyland Antigo has again given a clean image foal, with which we are very happy . All Falabella foals bring a high level of emotion with it , but this little doe is so confident in the world , that they literally crawl into your arms without any hesitation . The same beauty as her full sister Raya Resto Cazador , and therefore we chose the name that came very close, with the meaning ‘big love’.

falabella füllen

 Azul Resto Cazador

With excitement we await the birth of the foal of Tyana / Hobby Horse Fabio , it would Stable Jaeger Rust are the 1st foal of these colorful stallion , coupled with the small black mare Tyana . On 15-05-2014 , neat according to the book , in the evening a smooth birth of a great beautiful little colt with an even liver -like color, and two blue eyes that looked in a charming vaulted head point to the world .

Azul Resto Cazador

 Bibi Resto Cazador

Our last foal of 2014 was born on 31-05-2014 , the experienced mare Mercedes has again provided in the book for a baby , on a Saturday afternoon in the meadow, with a sun there, they surprised us with a wonderful beautiful healthy and full-term filly. The father Fabio has again ensured a descendant of 1st quality, exterior and the appearance is above average.

Bibi resto cazador

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