Toyland Antigo

81 cm  Falabella Appaloosa; Stallion

Second place; Physical Examination 2012 for 3 year old stallions

Second place; Descendant Stallion Examination 2013 Falabella register Europe

Robust and strong macho with a delicate head, small ears and attentive eyes. Playful and attentive while being handled and a reliable breeding stallion. His first descendent, the mare Sosa Resto Cazador, won a first place. In August 2011 his second daughter was born: the tiny appaloosa mare  Zsa Zsa Resto Cazador.

2012 two more of his children have been born, namely the mares Raya Resto Cazador and  Shanti Resto Cazador.

Raya become the 2012 European Champion, Shanti won the first prize Gold.

Toyland Antigo was certified by the NMPRS as breeding stallion.

Toyland Antigo has an AMHA pedigree.

At the descendent examination 2013 we presented three young mares of Toyland Antigo and different mothers to the Falabella register Europe jury. The jury praised the uniformity of his descendents, their strong back, their format, their color and quality.

With a second place we returned home very content.AntigoAntigo