Hobby horse Fabio

  Falabella Pintaloosa stallion, 86 cm, with impressive award winnings and descendents in England and the Netherlands.   First prize; Gold Stallion – Examination 2013 First prize; Descendents Falabella register Europe 2013   Fabio was imported from England and is a direct descendent from the first 100% pure Argentinian Falabellas. A stallion who impresses through his posture, movement, color and lush hair-growth. Through his special status in England he received a lot of personal care which made him a lovely and obedient stallion. Every one of his descendents are perfectly colored and quality horses which spread all over the world. His last son won the 2012 examination of the Falabella register Europe. He has a lifelong breeding license for the FSE and NMPRS register.

Falabella Hobby Horse Fabio