What does a Falabella horse cost?

People frequently inquire about the price of a Falabella horse. It is probably one of the least discussed topics on a website, yet one of the most sought-after answers.

There’s one important question everyone should ask himself: Am I looking for a small horse/pony, or am I fascinated by the Falabella breed.¬†You can get small ponys for a few hundred Euros. For such a price, you will not get a Falabella. Prices for them start at several thousand Euros.

A mini-horse or a mini-pony is no Falabella, just as a pony-falabella-hybrid isn’t.

A 100% purebred Falabella has a DNA analysis, a family registry that proves the argentinian origin, and is listed in the Falabella registry Europe. In the internet, you will often find non-purebred Falabellas: Ponys that aren’t Falabellas and are not allowed to be offered as such.

A 100% purebred Falabella is registered in the Falabella family registry, and there are only 450 of them in Europe. This makes them a protected horsebreed. There are only a couple of breeders who offer Falabellas for sale and also have the required documents for them. Some of them take the risk to import purebred Falabella from Argentina, bringing fresh blood into their herd. This is a costly and risky venture.

Each year, only 30-50 foals are born in Europe. This small number of foals and the great demand all over the world are what dictates the price, making it a good and stable investment. In the family registry, the numbers of mares and stallions is the same, listed in foals, young mares, young stallions, mares for breeding, and older Falabellas for which a new commodation is needed. Not all stallions have the privilege to foster offspring. Some stallions are castrated and are kind company animals (naturally, always together with another of their kind).

The price for this category and for older animals is lower than for the inspected Falabella that have won prizes. Also an important factor is age and gender.

Thus, the question posted above is not so simple to answer, but we listed a few factors now, that dictate the price.

What does a Falabella cost?

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