Falabella Macho Resto Cazador

Falabella Macho Resto Cazador




Buy a Falabella? Falabella’s for sale!

Falabella are a rare and pure mini horse breed, without external influences from hybrids or manipulators. Purebred Falabella have the original family register, from which you can deduce their heritage. Another requirement is that father and mother, as well as the three generations before them, have to be 100% purebred. There has to be proof that the ancestors originated from the Falabella Ranch Establecimientos Falabella in Argentina. The aim of the family registry is the protection of this unique mini horse breed from extinction.

The mother-registry ACCF is located in Argentina. This is recognised by the FSE (Falabella Registry Europe), where only 350-400 horses are listed.

The DNA analysis is an obligatory requirement for each Falabella you want to register. This analysis and a profile test are in place to ensure purebred offspring.

Thus, the Falabellas’ numbers are limited – they are horses for enthusiasts and for breeding. The number of horses for sale is limited as well, and some of them are sold abroad.

In our stable in Jaegersrust, we never have many horses to sell, but when we do sell, we guarantee the best quality: 100% purebred Falabella.