Biological Horse Feed,  Why and what for

After having feed my horses the conventional way for 25 years I encountered a Falabella herd that had been fed biological feed for quite some time. The overall condition and the shining fur of these horses were impressive.

That way I discovered “Bio-Ron”, a supplier of biological horse feed and we decided to feed our horses biologically as well.  The feed does not contain any unwanted fibers,  genetically manipulated plants or unneeded sugar that is included in conventional horse feed and hay and can cause  severe heath issues. Of course it all takes time and will last a couple of years until the appropriate herbs and grasses grow on out meadows. Biological herb hay and biological mats in the stables (stable floor covering) are an important standard we already introduced. We feed BIO-RON cereal combined with spelt, which contains a lot of balanced nutrients and helps us to feed more efficiently.

Because of my positive experience I became a confident distributor of BIO-RON myself.

The price might be a little higher, but the health of your horses is worth it. The BIO-RON products I distribute are available at any time and can be picked up. Please contact me on 0031-6-54654428 or write an  e-mail using our contact form.

Fixed prices apply for every BIO-RON distributor.

Cereal horse feed


The preparation of summer as well as winter cereal is based on the chinese element doctrine.

20 kg for € 19,50 for self-collector.

100% biological cereal assorted out of different predominantly hardy crops, grains and lucern. Minimally processed, without molasses and added vitamins. In autumn and spring we prepare the mixture ourselves. You can feed both variations without any problems. There are no special advices on summer or winter feeding.


Composition of summer cereal for horses:


Summer cereal contains 16 precious crops, grains and lucern.


20%     wheat

20%     kernel chunks*)

17,5%  spelt

12,5%  barley

10%     oats

10%     lucern lumps

5%       corn

5%       sunflower seeds


*) kernel chunks summer: buckwheat, millet, rye, flax seeds, sesame, sweet rice, amaranth, quinoa, algarroba, bentonite, lava and celtic sea salt.


Composition of winter cereal for horses:


The winter cereal contains 17 precious crops, grains and lucern.


20%      barley

20%      kernel chunks*)

17,5%   spelt

15%      lucern lumps

12,5%   oats

8%        wheat

2%        corn

5%        sunflower seeds


*) kernel chunks winter: green peas, lentils, red rice, brown rice, rye, millet, sesame, white beans, flax seeds, algarroba, bentonite, lava and celtic sea salt.


Biological raw spelt by BIO-RON


At the moment the biological spelt comes from Germany out of meager lime rich soil that naturally has a lower energy level than the conventional alternative. Our conventional alternative stems from the Netherlands and contains a slightly higher energy level. Both can be combined easily.




20 kg BIO-RON spelt € 22,– for self-collectors.


20 kg BIO-RON  raw spelt € 18,– for self-collectors.